Heart Stents – What is Their Life Expectancy?

How long does a stent last?

This question troubles all those who had stent(s).

Well, here is the shortest answer: stent is for life. In other words, stent is permanent.

Stents are made up of metal. Usually, today’s stents are drug eluting. Stent is coated with anti clotting drug. When it’s placed within an artery the coated drug dissolves over several years. Therefore, you need not worry about stent’s life. But you need to worry whether the stent is functioning properly.

Therefore, the question you must ask is:

How Can I Get the Most Benefit from Stent?

Your body considers stent as alien. After stent is placed, blood will rush to clot over a stent. Hence, it is necessary to take anti clotting drugs like Clopidogrel. Aspirin is obvious. You will be prescribed Clopidogrel for months or a year but Aspirin is for your life.

Sometimes, stents damage inner artery walls.

Finally, within years stent will get blocked. In such cases, your doctor will either recommend another stent procedure or bypass.

Therefore, after a stent procedure, ensure to take prescribed medicines. Most important of all eat healthy and exercise regularly.

A stent procedure is no guarantee that you won’t have another block.

Note: This article discusses stents made up of metals.